Why choose As International ?

Since 1983

Since 1983 we have been a recognised specialist in textiles and clothing industry

Solution Oriented

Our quality control or audit reports are not supposed to be simple checklists. On the contrary, we aim at bringing solutions to our clients.


Our flexible and responsive organization is adapted to your seasonal peaks.

Technical Team

Our teams are technically oriented and specialized by product.


Whether it is on our equipment, on our communication, or on the solutions provided to our customers, we are always seeking to innovates


Our worldwide coverage allows us to offer a response to all supply chain strategies of our customers

Our services


Make quality part of the products design


Create trust with your commercial partners Identify the right partners, the best guarantee of your requests and values.


Physical test, performance test and chemical test. TURKAK or CNAS certified textile lab in China and Turkey.


Quality inspection of manufactured products and consumer goods


Our engineers and consultants will bring a technical eye to the creation of your quality strategy and the analysis of your results performance result

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