To manage the design of your products

Our pattern cutter model makers will make your patterns Lectra Modaris. The products are made in our workshops and validated through successive fittings. Pattern grading, placement and the technical file are sent to your electronically or in paper/cardboard.

To develop your finished products

Our model makers have joint fittings to validate the fit of the samples on the model. The product’s measurements are listed in a technical document which includes size grading and a pictogram of the product. Our model makers can manage the relationship with the supplier up to the point where the sizes have been validated

To take advantage of additional technical resources

Our model makers will come to you to reinforce your staff during seasonal peaks or long-term. They bring you complementary knowledge in each of the product sectors, knitting, weaving, man, woman, child, baby, lingerie.

To validate the technical feasibility

Our product experts review the collection you would like to produce in order to consider the process sheets best suited to production, to create the technical files and define the quality control points that our inspectors need to concentrate on.