Improve product quality andyou’re your production supervised from beginning to the end

The production monitoring before and during all the production until the end of it will allow you to ensure that 100% of your products will reach your quality expectations and that your supplier will enhance his competecnes at each steps of the production.

To increase your chances of having successful and high quality export

An inspection during production, carried out once between 10-20% of the pieces have been produced helps ensure that the product and its packaging meet the client’s specifications and product record. After inspection a programme of corrective action is implemented with the manufacturer.

Let’s make safe choice

The final quality control inspection is carried out when 100% of the articles have been produced and at least 80% of them have been packed for export. This inspection is carried out according to ISO 2859-1 (Military Standard 105-E, ANSI/ASQ Z1.4) consisting in removing and studying a representative sample of the articles

To make Quality control part of your logistics flow

Quality platforms are used for the inspection of raw materials or finished articles. Organising inspection on a platform make it easier to deal with large supply volumes and ensure the optimization of the costs related to quality and transportation

To salvage defective merchandise

Following a final inspection pointing out heavy quality problems, or the reception of non conforming merchandise, effecting a sort out and repairs addresses the problems encountered so that it can be put back on the market in the quickest possible time

To ensure the optimal conditions for your shipment

Inspection of container loading means it is possible to check that it complies with the packing list, that the commercial and customs forms are correct and that the merchandise is correctly packed in the container, so that the product is not damaged and is protected from humidity

To ensure permanent verification of your playgrounds and sports equipement facilities

The verification of playgrounds infrastructure consists in visually and manually examining the play equipment, on site, in order to detect any wear or modifications which may generate a risk for the users. This check must be carried out at least once a year. The verification of indoor and outdoor sports equipment must be carried out at least once every 24 months. Our teams also carry out an H.I.C. (Head Injury Criterion) on cushioning floors to measure the likelihood and severity of a head injury.