Ethics and confidentiality

The ethics and expertise of our technicians are the key to a successful and sustainable relationship with our clients. AS International has built up a policy, documentation and a system of training and supervision in order to achieve our objective. We are proud of the results achieved in the areas of ethics, respect, courtesy and integrity.

General company policy

AS International is a family business for which the links between people are simple and strong. The policy pursued by our human resources management helps to maintain a low level of staff turnover. This context promotes the creation of contacts within our team and excludes those who do not share the values of AS International.

Training and rules of operation

All employees have signed a contract with stipulated clauses of ethics and confidentiality. An in-house ethical charter completes the documentation. The technicians are monitored by their manager and are trained to handle the situations that they may encounter with suppliers in this respect.

Ghost inspection

In the context of the supervision of our teams, our managers regularly travel to inspection sites to validate the integrity of the work performed by the technician.

Supplier relations

We regularly visit our suppliers to exchange views on the past season and to address the ethics of our technicians. It is to be noted that our technicians can in no circumstances receive gifts, samples, etc., and that they travel at their own expense.

Claims management

AS International employees and external persons may report any behaviour that is abusive or contrary to our rules of ethics and confidentiality at An investigation is carried out for each claim and the conclusions are materialised in the form of an action plan and enhanced surveillance.