Sampling Rules for Attribute Controls - Part 1: Sampling Procedures for Lot-by-Lot Controls, Indexed to Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)

The sampling procedures contained in this part of ISO 2859 are applicable, but not limited to, controls in different areas such as:

-United products

-members or raw materials


-materials during manufacture

-supplies in stock

-maintenance operations

-information or registration

-administrative procedures

These procedures are mainly intended for the control of continuous series of batches, that is to say, sufficiently large series to allow the application of the rules of modification of the control.

The purpose of these rules is: a) to ensure the protection of the customer in the event of detection of a deterioration in quality (by the transition to a reinforced control or the interruption of control); (b) provide an incentive to reduce control costs (at the discretion of the responsible authority) if the quality is consistently good (through reduced control). The sampling plans in this part of ISO 2859 may also be used for the control of isolated lots, but in this case the user must be careful to consult the efficiency curves in order to find a plan which will give him the desired protection. In this case, the user is also referred to the quality limit (QL) indexed sampling plans specified in ISO 2859-2.

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